Customer Service

We have built our business on ensuring our customers receive exceptional service. This is why we place so much importance on our values of being “flexible”, “ethical” and “trusted”.


We provide our customers with a wide selection of quality products, from simple coffins to high-build caskets at competitive prices, and an extensive range of fittings and accessories too. We pride ourselves on offering a high standard of service and we are equipped to deliver to tight deadlines. We constantly listen to our clients in order to meet their changing needs.
Our team has the capability to react immediately to urgent situations and manufacture bespoke coffins to a customer’s individual specification at short notice. As an established distributor of coffins we regularly supply customers from Portsmouth to Glasgow and the Isle of Man. We remain one of the few companies which still deliver almost any coffin to your doorstep in 48 hours.


As an FSC certified company, we recognise that our future success as a coffin manufacturing company depends on the continued availability of timber from the forests of the world. We are fully committed to recycling processes and of insisting that where felling does take place, replanting is undertaken to ensure the continuity of raw materials.
Many of our suppliers already have a Chain of Custody Certificate from recognised bodies and are subsequently FSC certified. Halliday FS will continue to exert its influence with its suppliers to ensure that all of the selected materials can be traced back to wood from responsibly-managed forests.


We are proud to be part of the great tradition of saying ‘farewell’ to our loved ones in this country. We are committed to using a fully renewable resource – wood.
Our aim is to help Funeral Directors facilitate a dignified and respectful service where families can feel that they have fulfilled the final wishes of their loved ones.

Our Customer Service promise to you includes:

Choice – a variety of shapes, colours and styles
Packaging – all products individually wrapped
Customised specifications – to suit your needs
Environmentally friendly – regularly assessed
Efficiency – meeting your timescales
Emergency carriage – a dedicated service for regular customers
Prices – very competitive at all times.