Environmental Commitment

We are continually looking for ways to build upon our robust environmental and ethical policies and procedures, something which has been recognised in a number of leading business and environment awards in recent years.

Renewable Energy Investment

During 2014, we invested £500,000 into developing our business. More than half of this was spent on the installation of an industry-leading 199kW HDG biomass boiler along with a state-of-the-art waste processing unit that takes waste and shreds it into a size that can go into the boiler. In turn, this provides our business with its hot water and heat.
Our company produces 378 tons of waste annually, consisting of 306 tons of wood and general waste and 72 tons of sawdust.

Before the biomass boiler, 306 tons were sent to landfill but, in its first year in operation, some 254 tons were re-routed to biomass, while the 72 tons of sawdust waste is recycled.
Our annual waste bill whas been cut by over 80%. Our gas consumption has been cut in half, while the installation of our boiler also means we no longer require gas heaters to heat our 24,500 sq. ft. building.

Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®)

As an FSC certified company, we are committed to caring for our environment. In order to continue being successful, we recognise the importance of the continued availability of timber from the forests of the world.
As such, we are fully committed to recycling first then ensuring that re-planting is undertaken wherever felling takes place, to guarantee the continuity of our raw materials, as well as for the enjoyment of future generations.
Each year, we have to show that we continue to comply with the rigorous FSC standards, undergoing an annual audit of our practices.

Woodland Trust

We are delighted to be supporting the work of the Woodland Trust, the UK’s largest woodland conservation charity. Since it was founded in 1972, the charity has planted more than 23 million trees, protects ancient woodland habitats that are centuries old from destructive development and disease – and restores damaged woodland back to former glories.
The charity continues to fight to protect, plant and restore UK woodland and the animals which call it home. It owns more than 1000 woods, covering 73 square miles, all of which are free to the public to visit.

Halliday Funeral Supplies Ltd is proud to offer our Woodland Trust Collection in recognition of the charity’s important work. It includes coffins which can be made in natural unpolished solid wood, high quality weave willow or sustainably sourced FSC boards, all of which are suitable for woodland burials*. Designed to reduce the carbon footprint of a standard coffin, with higher recycled content, reduced energy consumption and reduced material usage, these coffins are an ideal alternative to cardboard. For each coffin purchased from this collection, a donation will be made to the Woodland Trust

*The Woodland Trust does not have the provision for woodland burials. The Natural Death Centre and the Association of Natural Burial Grounds may provide help with finding a burial site visit .

The Woodland Trust is a charity registered in England and Wales (No. 294344) and in Scotland (No. SC038885).