Saviour Service Sheets

The Christian faith holds that Jesus Christ, saved the Souls of all humanity by giving of His life on the cross and opening the Kingdom of Heaven to us all. Jesus was crucified next to two other prisoners, one of whom repented his sins to Jesus, who offered him a place in heaven. Three of of the Gospels report that the …

St. Francis Service Sheets

St. Francis of Assisi is the Patron Saint of animals. His prayer ‘Make me a Channel of Your Peace’ has be set to music form a well known hymn. The dove, pictured, is the animal which most symbolises this sentiment. Front – Centre –Back

Rosary Service Sheets

Rosary beads are used in prayer, as praying a decade of the rosary requires the worshiper to recite the Lord’s Prayer followed by ten Hail Marys. Each bead represents one recitation and during a service, the Priest will typically lead the congregation in five complete decades. The worshiper uses the beads to keep their place in the prayer. Front – …

St. Patrick Service Sheets

St. Patrick was the patron Saint of Ireland. The design features a Celtic Cross and small shamrock leaves, which are the national flower of Ireland, due to their symbolism in representing the Holy Trinity. This service sheet has been designed for anyone who is proud of their Irish Heritage. Front – Centre – Back

Mother and Child Service Sheet

A stylised take on the Madonna and Child, this service sheet allows the insertion of a photograph in a unique heart-shaped border. Front – Centre – Back